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 There's tons of money to help you fund your college expenses, but you must apply!

 Scroll down for scholarships with upcoming deadlines
Due: Oct. 9, 2019 (closed)
Due: Oct. 15, 2019 (closed)
Due: Oct. 25, 2019 (closed)
Due: Oct. 25, 2019 (closed)
Due: Oct. 29, 2019 (closed)
Due: Oct. 31, 2019 (closed)
Due: Nov. 30, 2019 (closed)
Due: Dec. 16, 2019 (closed)
Due: Jan. 3, 2020 (closed)
Due: Jan. 3, 2020 (closed)
Due: Jan. 10, 2020 (closed)
83rd Student Speaker Contest 2020 (see two attachments below)
Due: Jan. 10, 2020 (to Ms. Thorpe in office) (closed)
Due: Jan. 22, 2020 (closed)
Due: Jan. 31, 2020 (closed)
Due: Feb. 5, 2020 (closed)
Nuview Community Scholarship Application (see below for application)
Due: February 7, 2020 by 3:30 pm (to Ms. Betty in office) (closed)
Due: Feb. 10, 2020 (closed)
Due: Feb. 15, 2020 (closed)
Perris Valley Woman's Club 
Due: Feb. 19, 2020 (to Mrs. Wakugawa) (closed)
Romoland Teachers Association Annual Scholarship 2020 (see below)
Due: Feb. 21, 2020 (closed)
Due: Feb. 27, 2020 (closed)
Due: Feb. 29, 2020 and at the end of each month until Jan. 31, 2021!
Nuview Lions Club Community Service Scholarship 2020 (see below)
Due: Mar. 6, 2020 (to Ms. Thorpe in office or mailed) (closed)
State Council Cabrillo Civic Clubs of California, Inc Scholarship (see below for Master Scholarship Application)
Due: Mar. 15, 2020 (closed)
Due: Mar. 28, 2020 (closed)
Due: Mar. 31, 2020 (closed)
Due: May 31, 2020 (closed)
Due: 4 times per year (9/30, 12/31, 3/31 and 6/30)
Due: Dec. 15, 2020
Due: various dates
Due: various dates
Due: Various dates
Due: various dates
Due: various dates

High Five Scholarships
Due: various dates
Due: various dates
Due: various dates
Due: various dates

MALDEF Scholarships
Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Due: various dates
Donating Money via the Nuview Community Scholarship Foundation
Finding the money to college is often difficult, especially if you are from a small, rural town. In the community of Lakeview Nuevo – 30 miles east of Riverside, Calif. – the Nuview Community Scholarship Foundation sends nearly two dozen outstanding students to college or technical/trade school every year. In many cases, these well-deserving students overcome heart-wrenching personal challenges to excel in academics and become the first in their families to go on to college.

Since its start in 2004, the Foundation has awarded more than $204,000 to students from a community of only 5,000 residents.

Funding for the Foundation comes from residents and small businesses in Lakeview-Nuevo. A dedicated board comprised of educators, business owners and community leaders volunteer their time to raise donations, establish award criteria and manage the 501c(3).

All proceeds go toward the students.

While donations to the Foundation have been steady, the needs of a growing number of students and the skyrocketing cost of college tuition require increased funding. On behalf of the Nuview Community Scholarship Foundation, we (I) would like to request a tax-deductible financial donation to further this critical mission for our community.

Many organizations (businesses) such as yours are united in their generosity, but each has its own donation process. If the donor form is not enough, may I ask your guidance as we navigate through the steps needed to secure a donation? I can be reached by phone at (951)323-0220 or by email at

Thank you for your consideration and your help as we continue to make so many promising futures a reality.


Beverly Simpson, President
Nuview Community Scholarship Foundation