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Mount San Jacinto College

We have partnered with MSJC since the fall of 2013 offering Dual Enrollment courses. Our Dual Enrollment program is designed for our junior and senior students. We are pleased to offer a 2-year dual enrollment Math pathway and a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program.  We are working to add more CTE Pathways in the near future. 
MSJC requires a 3.0 cumulative GPA to participate. 
College classes offered:
Math offerings: College Algebra (MAT 105) 4 units, Pre-Calculus (MAT 110) 4 units and Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (MAT 211) 4 units. 
Certified Nursing Assistant  (CNA) program: Certified Nursing Assistant (NURS 085) 6 units and Nursing Skills Lab (NURS 584) 0.5 units.  Each semester we can host a cohort of 15 students.
JUNIORS: Begin the math sequence with AccelMath 3. AccelMath 3 is
an accelerated high school math class that prepares students for the next 3 courses. This is a high
school class, but is a required course to move into Math 105 College Algebra.
Students who opt into this math pathway, commit to the full 2-years. They will take
AccelMath 3 in the Fall of their junior year and upon successful completion will be
enrolled in Math 105 College Algebra in the Spring of their junior year.
SENIORS: Students continue their college math sequence with Math 110 Pre-Calculus in the
Fall of their Senior year and Math 211 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I in the Spring.  

In addition to the math pathway students can sign-up to take our CNA program.
Students need to be 17 years old at the start of the course usually (Aug/Jan).
**Students can take up to 2 MSJC classes during the fall/spring or a combination of
MSJC and MVC depending on units** 
Steps for NBECHS students to enroll at MSJC:
1. Students cannot have any F's (high school or college) and must pass GUI 45 at
MVC to take any MSJC classes. 
2. Students who attend NBECHS will complete an initial MSJC online application
through OpenCCC online with a designated NBECHS staff member. This is to ensure
the application is submitted correctly. In addition, students must complete the MSJC
Online orientation.  
3. Students must fill out Student/Parent Agreement (SPA) form each semester for the
course they are registering in.
4. When all paperwork has been submitted to MSJC then students will be enrolled into their
5. Students pay minimal fees directly to MSJC on Self-Service. A video demonstrating
how students may decline agreements (waive optional fees) may be found
SGA - $7 (waivable only prior to course registration)
 Student Representation - $2 (waivable only prior to course registration)
 RTA/Transportation - $8 
 Health Center - $23
o Total without waived fees: (SGA, Student Representation, RTA and Health Center) = $40
o Total with waived fees: $31
6. Once students are enrolled in MSJC classes they are strongly encouraged to
complete their class.  MSJC offers Tutoring Services to enrolled students. Students may
only drop a college class, once the term has begun, based on extenuating
circumstance(s). Request to Drop a College Class form required, along with a meeting
with counselor, parent, and/or administrator.
College grades are added to high school transcripts and used to calculate semester
GPAs. Students can view grades in Canvas during the course. Once grades are final,
grades earned can be viewed on Self-Service. 
MSJC Generated Accounts:
 Self-Service; (User ID is a 7 digit # and required password) Self-Service 
 MSJC Student Email; (User ID ends with and required

MSJC Materials:
Students borrow college textbooks for free when enrolled in MSJC classes from
NBECHS and textbooks must be returned at the end of each term. Please follow
directions from our Media Tech to obtain MSJC materials.
Counselors will guide students to set up personal goals regarding their college journey
and revise those goals, as needed. 
If you have any questions please contact the MSJC Liaison, Ms. Deisy Baltazar at [email protected]