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Nuview Bridge Early College High School

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If you are a club advisor and you want to have a fundraiser, please make sure you do the following:
  • Turn in the green fundraising form to ASB.  All fundraisers must have prior approval from ASB and the principal. 
  • When you conduct the fundraiser, please make sure you fill out the yellow tally sheet or write receipts. Tally sheets are used for when a student purchases something and you immediately give them the product (ex. soda or chips).  A receipt is for a purchase that is not immediate (ex. field trip or an item you need to order)
  •  Once you have collected the money,  fill out a cash count sheet (yellow form)
  • Turn in all money within 24 hours of the fundraiser to Diana Ladeau (MSMS office manager)
  • She will put the money into the system and give you a copy of the receipt.  Keep this for your records.