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Student Support & Intervention


Nuview Bridge Early College High School believes it is important for us to focus on specific and individualized interventions for students who need it because it gives an opportunity for us to figure out ways to serve their neediest students. We want all of our students to have a successful high school experience at the Bridge. 


Either a staff member or parent can make a referral for a student to have an SST. Referrals can be submitted by filling out this form or by emailing our SST coordinator, [email protected] 


Our Pyramid of Interventions outlines our process for moving students up to more intensive interventions based on their progress. All students will have access to the interventions listed on Tier I.

Students may also be moved into Tier II by being referred to as outlined above or they are identified by the GPA from the most recent report card. To move to Tier II, students must have a 2.0 GPA or lower, and consequently, students can move back to Tier I interventions if they have a 2.0 or higher.

During the Tier II interventions, we are exploring why the student may not be doing well in their class or classes. We may hold a Student Success Plan (SSP) if the student only has one core subject area in which they are struggling.  At the end of the SSP meeting, a contract among the student, parent/guardian, and staff member is drafted and all parties agree to have certain support, accommodations, or modifications to help the student depending on each individual case. Like an SST, the interventions agreed upon will vary depending on the child's needs. If a student is shown to struggle in multiple classes, a Student Study Team (SST) might take place instead of an SSP.

Students move into Tier III if they continue to maintain the GPA that brought them to Tier II. All Tier III students will attend an SST meeting. If a student is found to have a designation (EL, 504, IEP, etc.), then the appropriate accommodations will be put in place, and monitoring of student progress will continue.

Tiered Intervention

Student Study Team (SST)

The Student Study Team also commonly called a Student Success Team (SST) is a positive, team-oriented approach to assisting students with a wide range of concerns related to their school performance and experience. The purpose of the SST is to identify and intervene early in order to design a support system for students having difficulty in the general education classroom. Either a staff member or parent can make a referral for an SST. The SST is different from a parent-teacher conference which focuses on improving communication and addressing specific class problems. The team usually consists of a parent, teacher, administrator, and support personnel from the school. Students may also be included depending on their age. The agenda for our SST can be found here.

Sometimes a special education teacher will also participate to give his or her perspective. The SST meeting provides everyone with an opportunity to share concerns and develop a plan. The interventions agreed upon will vary depending on the child's needs. The SST team may also try to determine if the child may be struggling due to a specific learning disability or other special needs. If the SST team determines that the child could have a special need, they may recommend a formal special education assessment. Follow-up meetings are scheduled to ensure that the plan is working and to make adjustments to ensure student success. The Student Study Team is an efficient and effective way to bring together all resources in the best interest of helping students reach their potential.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding our interventions or SST process, please email us at [email protected].