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Nuview Bridge Early College High School

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Good morning Sophomores,
Next Wednesday, Oct. 10th you will be taking the PSAT in Simpson Hall* starting at 8am and we'll be done by lunch.  Head directly to Simpson Hall that day and I will take attendance. You will be receiving your Practice booklet from Mr. Fernandez; please review it this weekend. Here is the link of the practice booklet for those of you who want to review now:
I will be in your Modern World History classes tomorrow, Friday, 10/5 to go over the Pre Administration portion of the PSAT, so please make sure you are present. 
Remember that this is a PRACTICE test and will not affect you negatively in any way, but you still need to do your best.  You'll receive your scores in Dec or Jan. 
On test day we will have separate breaks from the rest of the school.  You will not be allowed to have any electronic devices (only an acceptable calculator).  I encourage you to bring a snack and water.
*Mr. Fernandez's 1st period student's will test in his room NOT Simpson Hall.
*Ms. Alger's 1st period student's will test in her room NOT Simpson Hall.