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Nuview Bridge Early College High School

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Incoming Students

As a reminder, please bring back the GUI 45 class selection (bottom part of form only). This is just in case you are selected by the randomizer to start MVC in the fall. That is due on Wednesday, 8/3 in the office.
On Thursday, 8/4 you'll get help from Ms. Thorpe during your Scholar 9 class to submit your MVC online application
You will need the following information when you complete the MVC application:
  • Social Security Number, if applicable- you will enter this information directly on the app, keep your # in a safe place

  • Your home address

  • PO Box for your mail, if applicable

  • Your phone number (cell or home)

  • Your NBECHS school email (ends with

  • Your citizenship status; citizen, resident, non-resident

Please collect the information listed so that you will be prepared to apply to MVC on 8/4!


Also, remember to turn in your completed MVC Concurrent Enrollment form no later than Friday, 8/5 to the office.
Use black or blue ink to fill out the form and don't forget to leave the "MVC ID #" BLANK.