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CBU- California Baptist University
We usually have a good number of students who attend CBU every year! Take advantage of applying for FREE!
Students can apply to CBU for free during September 15th-30th using the promo code 'openingday22'. However, we uphold a rolling admission policy, which means that we do not have a set deadline for applying. Click here for more information about the Fall 2022 application.
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! All students need to do is create an application, submit an application, and send us their official transcripts. Click here to view our application process and requirements.

As of right now, test scores for the SAT/ACT/CLT will not be considered for admission to CBU. However, if your student has already taken the SAT/ACT/CLT, your students can still submit your scores for English/Math placement.