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Nuview Bridge Early College High School

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Welcome Back to the 2020-21 School Year

Dear Nuview Bridge Early College High School Parents and Students, 

As principal of Nuview Bridge Early College High School, it is my pleasure to welcome everyone back for another great year at the Bridge. As you are aware, on July 17, 2020, Governor Newsom announced that school districts located in a county on the state’s monitoring list may not provide in-person instruction. We are all excited to have students back, even if virtually. Our teachers have been working diligently and attending summer training to ensure that they can provide high quality Virtual At-Home Learning.  We believe that our five core values encompass necessary character traits for a successful high school experience:  Integrity, Empathy, Tenacity, Responsibility and Interdependence. It is our goal to graduate all Nuview Bridge students ready for college and career. 

Our school website, is filled with valuable information. Parent Square is another great way to receive updates. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter @NuviewBridgeECHS which we will use to send out updates and quick announcements as we go through the school year. 


Parent Workshops
In a matter of months, we have completely transformed the way we are delivering instruction for your child. We understand that it can be overwhelming and we need your support and partnership to ensure your child’s success. We are offering two parent workshops on Friday, August 7th. At 10 AM and 11 AM we will hold two workshops for parents: Parent Workshop: What is Google Classroom? and Aeries Parent Portal: How's my child doing in his/her classes? Please RSVP on Parent Square to attend these workshops and learn how to best support your child during Virtual At-Home Learning. 

This year, we are transitioning to a new Student Information System. We will no longer use Illuminate. Starting next week, you will receive your login information for our new system, Aeries. If you don’t receive an email by Wednesday, August 5th, please email to get access. Once you have access to your child’s Aeries account, you will be able to view their class schedule, grades and attendance. On August 4th, students and parents will be able to view their Fall 2020 schedule. Unfortunately, there is little flexibility in schedule changes for 9th and 10th grade students. To request a schedule change, please email your counselor with 1) the class you’d like to change or drop, 2) the reason for the request and 3) your requested class to add, if applicable.  Students with last names A-L please email your counselor, Ms. Yesenia Villalobos at and students with last names M-Z please email your counselor, Ms. Cynthia Wakugawa at  

Teachers will take daily attendance in every class. Students will be contacted if they are not logging on to ensure that they are actively participating and enrolled in their classes. Please review the student handbook on our school website to review our attendance and discipline policies. 

College (MSJC and MVC)
MSJC Dual Enrollment classes will be held virtually. Please check your school email to find out how your professor will teach their classes online. MVC classes are all virtual some synchronously and most asynchronously. Students taking classes that are held synchronously during high school Virtual At-Home learning will be excused from their high school classes. However, students are still responsible for assignments. Students enrolled in their asynchronous classes are responsible to complete their college time outside of the scheduled high school classes. Absences due to asynchronous college classes will not be excused. 

School Calendar and Bell Schedule
Our 2020-2021 school year calendar will be shared on or before Friday, July 31st along with the bell schedule for distance learning. On August 4th, you will have access to view the schedule on Aeries. That same day, we will send a master schedule with the classroom code for each class. Teachers will also invite you to their google classroom via your school email. Please be sure to check your school email regularly. Please note that any schedule you might see on Parent Square may not be the most accurate. The most accurate schedule will be viewable on August 4th on Aeries. 

Reliable and consistent internet is important during Virtual At-Home Learning. A survey was sent to student’s school emails on Monday, July 27th. Please make sure that your child(ren) fills out this survey Students must have access to their school email to submit their response to this survey.  We will follow up with students who have indicated to have limited or no internet access. Chromebooks are available for every student on campus to take home and use for all classes. Chromebook pickups in the NBECHS library are as scheduled below. Please note that temperature checks, social distancing and masks will be enforced. 




Thursday, July 30th

Friday, July 31st

Monday, August 3rd

Tuesday, August 4th

12th GRADE




9AM - 10AM

Last names A-C

Last names A-C

Last names A-D

Last names A-D

10AM - 11AM

Last names D-H

Last names D-J

Last names E-H

Last names E-H

11AM - 12PM

Last names I-M

Last names K-N

Last names I-N

Last names I-N

12PM - 1PM

Last names N-R

Last names O-R

Last names P-R

Last names P-R

1PM - 2PM

Last names S-Z

Last names S-Z

Last names S-Z

Last names S-Z


School Picture Day and Textbook Pick Up
To minimize trips to school, we scheduled ID pictures and textbook pick ups at the same time you’ll pick up Chromebooks. During your scheduled pick up day (see above chart), please be prepared to return summer college textbooks, pick up Fall 2020 textbooks, take your ID picture and check out a Chromebook. Senior pictures will be scheduled another day. 

I am honored to serve as the principal of Nuview Bridge Early College High School. It is a privilege to be a part of a community where parents, teachers and students strive to build a positive culture that supports academic and social growth. Welcome back and we look forward to another great year together! 


Mrs. Jasper Lucas
(951) 928-8498 
Proud Principal