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Nuview Bridge Early College High School

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Cell Phone Policy

Parents and students, please be advised that cell phones are not to be used during instructional time. Please see the cell phone policy bellow:

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices Cell phones and all electrical devices must be off and put away during class time unless permitted by the teacher for academic purposes. All electronic devices will be used responsibly or student will be subject to regular school discipline procedures, including: detention, Saturday school, suspension, and/or expulsion, for a violation of school rules as permitted by Education Code Section 48900(k). Parents and students are hereby notified that school staff, NBECHS and the NUSD assume no responsibility for the protection of, loss of, and/or damage to ANY electronic device and assume no liability whatsoever for electronic devices brought on school grounds in violation of this rule. In addition, school staff will not search for, investigate nor attempt to recover any such item that is lost, stolen, or broken on school grounds. Cell Phones and other electronic devices will not be permitted to disrupt instruction, instructional programs, and/or school related activities. Cell phones must be turned off, put away, and be out of sight during all tests. Cell phones, cameras, and other electronic devices that can be used to capture a picture or look up data which are found out by teacher during a test will be viewed as evidence of academic dishonesty and be considered such by administration.

To view school polices please look at the electronic copy of the student handbook available on our school website at