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Nuview Bridge Early College High School

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Vision Statement

Nuview Bridge Early College High School will be a leader in educational innovation through shared planning, decision making and through research into current educational pedagogy. We will continue to support students in rigorous high school classes, being prepared for high-stakes testing, and for college success through our Early College programs. All Nuview Bridge Early College High School graduates will become successful, responsible, and productive citizens with a strong sense of community and self-worth. Challenged by a rigorous curriculum and supported by a small learning environment, our students will achieve academic excellence through individual initiative, critical thought and the support of their community, family, teachers, and peers. Armed with a passion for learning, an appreciation of diversity, and motivated to become a positive force in their communities, our students will be well suited for rich and fulfilling lives.

School Mission Statement

Nuview Bridge Early College High School is a small learning community of students, staff, and families, which promotes acceptance, individuality, and innovation. With our college partners NBECHS offers a transformative program which incorporates a rigorous high school curriculum, dual credit, and college course into a comprehensive program designed to prepare students for success in college and careers. NBECHS embeds its curricular program within rich cultural experiences which include extracurricular activities, athletics, clubs, and fieldtrips in a supportive environment that fosters student ownership of their learning.

School Philosophy

The stakeholders of Nuview Bridge Early College High School believe all students regardless of their backgrounds or personal histories are capable of being successful in both high school and college curricula if given the necessary support and tools. We believe that highly qualified innovative teachers and a caring support staff who treat students as individuals. Individual needs, personalities and learning styles are keys to this success. We further believe that people learn and work best in a culture of caring, support, and mutual respect where people come first and are allowed opportunities for personal growth, self-discovery, and reflection. Finally we believe that school success is a manifestation of community and family successes and that all students challenged by a rigorous program and supported by a caring environment can be successful in school, achieve their personal goals, and become a positive force in their communities.